Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The final part of the process

We are now beginning the final part of the process of creating Small Dramas and Other Miscommunications. It is great to be back into the studio, but I must admit I am STRESSED OUT MAN. Office chairs are flying... in a good way. My stomach has begun the digesting of itself and I am in constant need of water, sugar and chocolate.

How does one balance the need to be creatively open and aware of the possibilities as well as make the decisions? Its like this: Freedom or Choice, Flow verses Form.

I find this to be a challenging balancing act. It is easier for me to be creative and have ideas flow, have them come and go at random and with freedom. I have to really believe that the Form will give these ideas a container so they can really grow to fruition. What do you think?

This website is a great example. Really what you see is nothing new - I've been doing it for years - but now there is a form, something one can see, ponder and appreciate.

They say some angels are in charge of Form, and others in charge of Space. I wish both to be present.

Talk to me - I know that you are out there.



Jack said...

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Unknown said...

I appreciate the effort you put in completing the final part, thank you for sharing it.

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